A Christmas-Themed SHMUP for the Sega Master System; made for the "Jame Gam Christmas Edition".

This is distributed in two ways:

  • As a 32KB Sega Master System ROM; you will need an emulator to run this one. The ROM should probably be able to run on real hardware, but hasn't been tested;
  • As an embedded emulator with the ROM file included; this option might run slow on your computer, so it may be interesting to test the ROM on a better emulator.

Github repo: https://github.com/haroldo-ok/winter-shooter


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winter_shooter-0.3.sms.zip 10 kB
winter_shooter-0.2.sms.zip 10 kB
winter_shooter-0.1.sms.zip 10 kB

Development log


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how did you make this? what program did you use?

Hello; I used:

  • SDCC: a C compiler for old 8-bit CPUs;
  • devkitSMS: a SDCC-compatible library for making games for the Sega Master System;
  • PSGLib: a SDCC-compatible library for playing music and sound effects on the Sega Master System;
  • BMP2Tile: a tool to convert images to formats compatible with the Sega Master System;
  • RgbQuant-SMS: to optimize images to reduce tile count;
  • Gimp: for editing the images;
  • Tiled: for editing the maps.



Hi! Would you know of any programs that could make a game on the genesis? 

SGDK provides a C compiler, plus libraries, plus a bunch of tools to male Sega Genesis games.

You may want to take a look a th those forums:




This is so cool!!! Tested it out with an emulator and it works really well, it does have a bit of chugging at times but I might be able to adjust the settings. Super impressive you were able to make this though! 🎄


Many thanks!