A downloadable game

This is Ren Py's "The Question" ported to Sega Genesis through the "choice4genesis" engine.

Github repo: https://github.com/haroldo-ok/the-question-c4j


The Question - v0.0.4.bin 640 kB
The Question - v0.0.3.bin 512 kB
The Question - v0.0.2.bin 512 kB
The Question - v0.0.1.bin 512 kB

Install instructions

This is distributed as a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive ROM, that can either be played on an emulator, or on the real hardware.

Development log


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Truly the Genesis/Mega Drive needs a Visual novel like this!


it's a.......SEGA GENESIS version?

Yep, it is ported to the Sega Genesis. 


thanks for make but, how i can play this game on Windows 10??

In order to run it on Windows 10, you'll need a Sega Genesis emulator 


thank you! but how you added story?

I used a tool called "choice4genesis".